We would like to give a brief overview of some of the services we offer to assist with your project needs. One of the core beliefs of this company is that the more we do in-house the more control we can have over timeliness and delivering the finished product to you on time, with the quality of workmanship that we would expect for ourselves and staying within the budget that allows everyone to be profitable.
Metal Building Sales and Installation- We can design and install buildings for many different applications. Please see our page "Building Products" for a preview of different designs.
Repair and Service- We offer a full line of panels and trim for repair or replacement of all manufacturers' products.
Residential/Commercial Metal Roofing-Please see our "Metal Roofing Products" page.
Retro-Fit Metal Roofing- We can start with your flat, rubber or built-up roof and frame with metal sub-structure and replace with an attractive pitch roof with a 40yr. to lifetime warrantied metal roof.
Monolithic concrete foundation and slab
Perimeter concrete- This includes, but not limited to doorway pads, approach aprons at garage doors and sidewalks.
Loading docks- Incorporated into the design of your  building to facilitate loading and unloading.
Mezzanines- Located inside to increase usable space to allow for work area and additional storage without having to increase the square footage of your building.
Interior partitions/drywall- We can take care of your office, meeting, break room and lavatory needs as needed for personal needs or to meet local codes. This also allows for additional storage overhead.
Suspended/Drop-in ceilings- we offer many designs and textures from ordinary and simple to more refined and corporate oriented
Commercial flooring- We offer all types of V.C.T., cove moulding, textured vinyl laminate planks and hardwood.
Handrails, Stairs and Landings- Many different styles and types available to meet your needs from the very basic i.e. warehouses and storage, to the more extravagant i.e. residential, retail and recreational.
Many other services are also available at your request. If you need assistance with a project that you don't see listed, please ask so that we can meet your needs.
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